Friday, December 5, 2014

Scaly Mountain Winter

        Life in Scaly Mountain,NC is a little slower now that winter is on our door step. Word around town is that it is going to be another cold year here in Scaly and Highlands. So for those of you who stick around and really enjoy the cold and snow, we are the lucky ones I say. I just wish it would snow more often and that it would stick around a little longer. I always tell my wife to bring it on!!

        With the sun setting so early, I like too get a fire started in the wood stove for the evening. There is nothing like the nice warm feeling you get from having a fire during the winter. Deb and will kick back with a glass of wine and just stare into the fire and watch the flames dance.  I make sure we have plenty of firewood laid in for the winter, because the last thing I want to do is split firewood when its 10 degrees outside.
        Over the next few months, this is the time when we get together with friends that we barely saw over the Summer. Getting caught up with what they did or didn't do over the past several months.We get together usually at our house where Deb will cook an awesome dinner, I am bias when I say that my wife is an excellent cook and she puts out one hella of a meal.

        I really enjoy living in Scaly (why you ask), because the only way to describe it is when you leave and go away for a vacation or to visit family, I can't wait to get back . This is home and this is the place that makes me feel happy inside. Until then, have a safe and warm winter.

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